about us

Our team is the most special we have. They will always have all the information you need with a smile because in our team professionalism is as important as making our students feel at home. And because we are a smaller school we can always offer the best attention to our students in order to help them in anything that they need.

Also, our teaching team is made up of language teaching professionals with a multitude of experience, and deep knowledge of the language. Time flies with them! Our lessons are fun, dynamic and with lots of energy in order to kickstart your mornings and your Monday will be especially less difficult if you learn Spanish with us!

The teachers and the administration team will guide you through the learning process and help you to have an amazing experience during your stay.

We will talk to you in Spanish, English and Italian at the front desk or for any question you have!


Elísabet Cazorla

Cofounder & Education Director and head coordinator - Marketing manager - Spanish teacher

Ana Domínguez

Cofounder & Administration and accommodation Manager

Patrizia Russo

Administration Manager, Marketing & Extra activities

Raquel Mallén

Education coordinator of levels A1 and A2 & Spanish teacher

Ángela Picazo

Education coordinator of materials, educational resources and special activities & Spanish teacher.
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Sara De la Fuente

Spanish teacher

Nuria Morcillo

Spanish teacher
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Paula Navarro

Spanish teacher



El Carmen Spanish School is an eclectic school, that employs a mix of different methods of teaching. We do not focus on one method because we do not think that there is a uniquely perfect way to learn, the approach has to be adapted to each individual student. Every student is different and we like everyone to feel special. With this in mind, we teach with total flexibility so that every students needs are met and they can learn at their own pace.


Dynamism and energy prevail in our lessons making them an active place to learn. We think that making mistakes is a necessary way of learning. So, in our school the mistake is not red, but green, because it is human and lets us keep learning and growing with a smile.


Grammar, vocabulary and all the linguistic elements are present in every one of our Spanish lessons. We especially focus on speaking because we want every student to be able to communicate with fluency by practising conversational skills and having genuine interaction with Spanish people.

Calle Santo Tomás, 22
(Ciutat Vella) 46003 Valencia