Bookings and cancellations

Changing dates has no extra charges, always if you do it more than 7 days before the course starts.

1.-The downpayment for confirming bookings is 100 euros and they will be deducted of the final price.

In case the student requires a visa, the student will have to pay the whole course price in advance so that the school can issue the corresponding letter of acceptance.

2.-For a student who does not need a visa cancels the course, the school will refund the following amounts depending on the time left until the start of the course:

* Cancellations made a full week in advance (7 days before the course starts) will be fully refunded.

* Cancellations made less than a full week before class begins: Course fees will be refunded (if they were previously paid), excluding the down payment (100 euros).

3.-If a student who needs a visa cancels the course, the school will refund the following amounts depending on the case:

* If the visa has not been granted: 90% of the course costs and the full price of the accommodation will be refunded.

* If the visa has been granted: neither the price of the course nor the price of the accommodation will be refunded, and the case will be reported to the relevant authorities.

4.-If the course is interrupted once it has already begun, the school will not refund any amount for the remaining classes. Instead, the student will receive a voucher for the remaining hours corresponding to the course he/she is attending, which may be redeemed later of his/her convenience.

5.-In no case shall the student be not allowed to transfer or sell his /her class hours, nor change them to private classes or different courses.

6.-The student may choose to delay the beginning of the course to a later date of his/her convenience without extra charges, always if you do it more than 7 days before the course starts.

Due to internal policy, all cancellations must be notified to El Carmen Spanish School in advance by writing to or to in advance.

IMPORTANT: Money will not be refunded in case a cancellation is made once the course and/or accommodation has started. Only special cases due to illness of the student will be taken into consideration upon a medical certificate. In case the student booked some extra service (private room, private bungalow, private classes, extra days, etc.) will be refunded the 50 % from the purchase

NOTE: If the course is not booked directly to El Carmen Spanish School, the student must be adjusted to the cancelation policy from the company where the purchase has been done.

These clauses will be applied to all the courses:

1-  Maximum number of students per class is 10 and minimum is 4. During COVID times, maximum number will be 7-8 people.

2-  If the number of students per class is 3 or less than 3, the school has the right to reduce the number of class lessons just in case, or readapting the lessons on the best way.

3-  In case the school is closed for national or local holidays or other exceptional situations, that lessons will be saved for the future or rescheduled on the same week upon availability. In no case they will be counted as done.

4-  Once the course is started, at the beginning the students must organize the regular schedule they will attend at school. Cancellations should be done 24 hours before the class. In case the cancellation won’t be done, that class will be deducted of the total amount of hours of the course.

5-  Bookings for new schedule or changes or even cancellations for long time (holidays, illness…) must be done at least one week before.

6  In the event some student tests positive for COVID-19 (using viral test) or was a contact with another positive, the school has the right to suggest the student to remain at home during at least 1 week or until the student proves negative results. In that situation, the course will be frozen until the student will be back.