the school

El Carmen Spanish School is a young and fun school located in the historic center of the city of Valencia. Very close to the tourist attractions of the city. Our teachers are dynamic, fun and great lovers of languages and cultures. Thus, we are very concerned about the quality of classes and learning and the integration of students in the cultural environment.

our students

In our school we have students of all ages and nationalities. Much of our students come from the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany and Russia. Regarding the average age of the students, we consider that it changes depending on the season. From September to June the average age is between 30 and 35 years old, while in summer it drops significantly. From June to the end of August we have more young students (between 16 and 25). Most of them are students that join and attend the Spanish courses during the summer break of the school or the University. They take advantage of the summer to do a full inmersion in the Spanish language and get back to school in September with their Spanish improved. Every year more than 300 students study Spanish in El Carmen Spanish School!


Our school is completely refurnished since 2019 to be more functional and also to make our students feel in a warm and comfortable environment to study Spanish. It has 6 spacious classrooms that are fully equipped with tables, chairs, clock, coat rack, air conditioning and audiovisual players. As you get inside you can find the reception, where our receptionists will always help you with everything you need with a smile.


Also, the school has 2 bathrooms near all classrooms for student use. A library where you can borrow all the books and movies that you like to practice your Spanish at home or if you prefer, you can read and study right here! In the library you will find spaces to read and study and also a computer for students use.


In addition, there are spaces to rest and to socialize in the breaks between the classes in which you will meet wonderful people from different countries.


El Carmen Spanish School is born in 2016 as a young and vibrant school located in the historic centre of Valencia, close to the tourist sights and monuments of the city. We have a host of dynamic and fun teachers, but the best thing about us? We are all lovers of Spanish language and culture.

Since then, we have been growing little by little in volume, in knowledge and in teaching quality, which is what matters most to us because we want to offer our students our best to make them love Spanish language as much as our team of teachers and administration. Likewise, we continue to learn and improve every day thanks to our students in order to become the best Spanish school in Valencia. We will get to it? 😉

Our mission is to be a competitive academy in teaching Spanish as a foreign language without losing our commitment to academic excellence nor the quality of our services, as well as maintaining our desire for continuous improvement and adapting ourselves to the needs of our clients.

We would like El Carmen Spanish School to grow over time and adapt to changes in a proactive and dynamic manner, without neglecting our quality of teaching, the communication of our cultural values, and the importance of care and customer service.

our success

Our biggest commitment to our students is based on our excellent educational quality. In this sense, we do our best to ensure they reach their potential and also make them become a “Spanish language professional”.

Our teachers are wonderful, natives and highly qualified.

Lessons are enjoyable, funny and always with interesting content. Our groups are manageable and always tailored to your needs.

Located in the picturesque old town of El Carmen in Valencia, surrounded by the main monuments of the city and most importantly, close to the most authentic Spanish restaurants.

You can organise the lessons to suit yourself and your schedule! Enjoy your time in Valencia and learn Spanish at your pace.

our services

We offer different kind of courses: intensive or extensive group courses, combined group courses with private classes, only private classes, special classes (conversation classes, extra grammar and vocabulary classes, culture classes, special classes in Fallas, San Valentine's Day, Halloween, Carnival ...) and complementary services such as weekend trips, sportive & social activities, transfer service from and to the airport, DELE exam preparation; registration assistance for exams, NIE and other procedures, online and telephone assistance, library with loan service, learning room, taxi reservation, etc.

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Calle Santo Tomás, 22, bajo derecha
(Ciutat Vella) 46003, Valencia