the school

El Carmen Spanish School is a young and vibrant school located in the historic centre of Valencia, close to the tourist sights and monuments of the city. We have a host of dynamic and fun teachers, but the best thing about us? We are all lovers of Spanish language and culture.



El Carmen Spanish School was born in 2013 as a young school with lots of passion for growing and sharing our love for languages, and specially for the Spanish language.
We take care of every detail to ensure that students feel at home. Our commitment to our students is based upon our high educational standards and we offer our very best to achieve the best results throughout the course. As well as this the personal and direct attention each student receives is essential to help the student become integrated and adapt to the Spanish way of life.

our success

Our biggest commitment to our students is based on our excellent educational quality. In this sense, we do our best to ensure they reach their potential and also make them become a “Spanish language professional”.

Our teachers are wonderful, natives and highly qualified.

Lessons are enjoyable, funny and always with interesting content. Our groups are manageable and always tailored to your needs.

Located in the picturesque old town of El Carmen in Valencia, surrounded by the main monuments of the city and most importantly, close to the most authentic Spanish restaurants.

You can organise the lessons to suit yourself and your schedule! Enjoy your time in Valencia and learn Spanish at your pace.

Calle Santo Tomás, 22, bajo derecha
(Ciutat Vella) 46003, Valencia